Extra activities

Our Children  have a chance to take part in the extra classes, depending on age and interests. For the time being, the classes  include:

with Jarosław Chodyra

Jarek about dance : “My whole life has been filled with dance. It’s my hobby, my jarek chodyraprofession, my passion. I started my career at the age of 7 and I’ve been consequently persuing it.  As a teenager, I knew what I would like to do – become a dance instructor and ‘infect’ others with the joy of dance. My skills as a teacher were confirmed by being awarded the Dance Teacher Diploma from the Polish Sport Academy. Today, I try to pass on my love for dance in my dance school. It’s a magic place, where everyone can find something for themselves. By my enthusiasm and involvement, I can make the most stubborn dance opponents feel pleasure when dancing. Because dance is good for everything. And I know it … ”


Music and one-to-one piano classes
with Aleksandra Kasperek-Gotlib

Music is a fantastic thing, because it affects us in a positive way and enhances our progress in all life spheres ! I am very lucky to be a music teacher, as music has been my true passion. In my classes we dance, move, play and play different instruments to create rhythm and melody. I hope that this way I can awaken passion for music in children, too , so they can develop their musical skills whichever directions they go.


Olga Dolgova – Chess teacher

Iwona Romanowicz – Ballet teacher

Dorota Kobos – Yoga Instructor


Magda Sobaniec – Gimnastics Teacher










Agnieszka Michrowska – Ceramics teacher








Dance classes with Grawitacja Dance Academy