Aneta Suchożebrska
Montessori Teacher & ABC Founder

annetaI have been using the method of M. Montessori in my job for twelve years. In 2005, I started to work
as a teacher’s assistant in an English-speaking Montessori pre-school in Warsaw. In 2006 – 2007, I had
an opportunity to work in an excellent pre-school Buindells Day Nursery in London. Having returned
to Poland I completed the course NAMC (North American Montessori Center), which enabled me to
start working as a Montessori teacher. In 2013, I opened my dream English-speaking ABC Montessori
Education pre-school where as a mum of two fantastic children I share my time between being a
parent and a teacher. Thanks to it, I may apply Montessori method both at home and in my preschool.
I wish all children felt free and happy in cosy rooms of ABC Montessori Education pre-school
as there is nothing more satisfying that a view of a happy child.


Przemysław Suchożebrski
Director of Administration

I’m a graduate of Józef Piłsudski University of Physical Education in Warsaw, the major – Teacher and
I’m a post-graduate of teaching studies Elementary and Early Childhood Education. In ABC Montessori
Education pre-school I occupy with management of the facility, completion of statutory tasks,
performance of pedagogical supervision over the pre-school. Moreover I have over ten years of
experience in running a business activity which is reflected in good solutions applied in management
of the facility.


Karolina Skowrońska
Montessori Teacher & Kindergarten Manager

I have been working with children for 11 years now. I have experience in looking after IMG_4754children of different ages. I was the toddlers group teacher for 4 years. I’m a pedagogy, graduate,  which let me learn a lot of things about development of the child. I also hold the  NAMC Montessori Diploma. I try to improve my qualifications and skills   about children by attending different pedagogy, psychology and language courses. Since I remember,  I’ve always wanted to work with children. I’m fullfilled tin this profession and I’m so glad to assist children in their first steps and  daily routine. The most important thing for me is to see smile on the child’s face.  As Maria Montessori said , “Help me do it myself.”, it is one of the  main thoughts I pay attention to when working with children. I would like to be a teacher who helps children be independent and spontaneous. 

Izabela Adamska – Chuta
Toddlers Teacher

iza 2I have been working with children for 6 years now. As I am graduate of Warsaw Music University my first job was strictly connected with music and children. After that I decided to immerse deeper in pedagogy and development of the child. Since 2010 I worked in preschools but still looking for some ways to understand children better, especially when I became a mother. That is why I am here – in Montessori preschool. I try to use my skills and previous experience in daily work to do it as good as I can. I try to improve my knowledge by attending on courses and workshops, now on Montessori course. My role is to assist children in discovering of the world and their happines is the best reward.


Katarzyna Szczypek
Speech Therapist

Resized_kasia_1I am a speech therapist and a graduate from Special Pedagogy Academy in Warsaw. I have been working as a speech therapist in a preschool and primary school, meeting children with various articulation difficulties.  I realise speaking is sometimes a great challenge for children and that’s what I really want to do – help them make it easier. Working with children gives me real pleasure!



Agnieszka Brzózka
School Psychologist