Casa Class Individual
Montessori work

Our Casa Class is a dynamic and very busy blend of children aged 2,5 – 6. We’ve put lots of effort to make the environment spacious and cosy at the same time, a very comfortable circle area to rest and have fun on, and smaller and bigger tables the children can use for their daily activities. As Montessori is about moving, too, we’ve left lots of space for the children to work on the floor mats. The space enhances the children’s sense of freedom to move and organizes their work in the best possible, so they aren’t constrained by lack of space.

All the materials in our class are either high-quality Montessori materials or teacher-made materials, meeting the child’s needs and enhancing the child’s cognitive processes. We’re constantly making sure the classroom is attractive enough to stimulate the child’s natural need for exploration and creation.
Casa Class Zajęcia indywidualne Montessori - ABC Montessori Education
The five Montessori areas that our children can choose
materials from include:

  • Practical life
  • Sensorial
  • Mathematics
  • Language
  • Culture and cosmic education
The children can have individual presentations – be it one-to-one or a small group, or they can pick their favourite material and work on it for as long as they prefer, in their own pace
Zajęcia w kręgu - ABC Montessori Education

Circle time

We find it very important to gather all the group and share a topic, once all the indvidual works have been completed. The circle time is also an occasion for the children to do various activities, with their peer’s help, like completing the calendar, describing the daily weather conditions, present a toy or book (show&tell) and talk about a particular subject. The circle has lots of adavantages, as the younger ones observe the older children and can draw knowledge and inspiration from that. This is the time when we sing lots of theme and non-theme songs, play maths and language games and read stories.

The art & extra activities

All the art forms the child can expercience play vital role in different spheres of the child development. Manual works enhance the hand and the 3-finger grip, but above all – they develop spatial perception and creativity, lenghtening the focusing time, letting the child express himself in all possible ways. Therefore, we continuously encourage our children to paint, draw, cut, stick, make collages, work in clay or salt dough and explore different structures andtechniques.

The Casa class children will take part in an extra activity every day! They will have dance, music, gymnastics with correcting elements, cooking project and ceramics.
Zajęcia artystyczne i dodatkowe - ABC Montessori Education


We enrol children from 16 months to 6 years of age.

If you would like to get more information on the kindergarten itself,
staff or our program, feel free to phone us or send us an email.