The fundamental principle of scientific pedagogy must be, indeed, the liberty of the pupil;–such liberty as shall permit a development of individual, spontaneous manifestations of the child’s nature. If a new and scientific pedagogy is to arise from the study of the individual, such study must occupy itself with the observation of free children.

Maria Montessori, The Montessori Method


As a mother of two and a certified Montessori teacher, I’ve always wanted to create a child-friendly, stress-free educational environment, where children could just explore the closest world and fulfill their natural needs. I believe that what Maria Montessori came up with so many years ago, still applies to the modern world and highlights what is so precious in the child’s development – a very strong sense of freedom and independence in every single activity the child does.
Założyciel - ABC Montessori Education
I discovered that my own children have been learning the world through experimenting with it: shapes, textures, smells, tastes, temperatures and above all – nature, are the greatest motivators for them to get to know the world even further. Being assisted by a careful and patient adult, they seem to be flourishing and are even more curious about the surrounding world! That’s why the Montessori method is so unique, as it gives the child freedom of choice and numerous possiblities to operate materials in the Montessori classroom but also to explore outdoors.
I created the ABC Montessori Education for all the families who share or would like to start sharing a philosophy, that each child progresses at his own pace, in a peaceful and respectful atmosphere, where free play coexists with learning processes.

Aneta Suchożebrska

ABC Montessori Education Founder


We enrol children from 16 months to 6 years of age.

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